What is in Other Magic #3?

Other Magic #3: The Ancient World focuses on the magical spells, rituals, and beliefs of the ancient Mediterranean, Near East, and Middle East (Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, Rome, etc.). In addition to the translated text of actual spells and magic items, it includes information for GMs on how to create original ones in the same styles. It is system neutral, so there are no spell blocks or specific game mechanics included, but they can easily be adapted to any rpg that uses magic.

Topics include:

  • the Greek Magical Papyri, magic spells from the syncretistic cultures of Greco-Egyptian Alexandria and surrounding areas
  • amulets, effigies, ostraca, incantation bowls, magical gems, phylacteries, and other magic items
  • charakteres, the Ephesia Grammata, onomata barbara, voces magicae, and other magic words and symbols
  • binding spells to influence address legal concerns, control emotions, influence sports events, and affect other aspects of mundane life
  • curse magic, including the use of defixiones (“curse tablets”) and “funerary imprecations” (grave curses)
  • spells to control demons and ghosts
  • and more!